Know how to capture and keep user attention

Product intelligence helps teams visualize how users engage across all their media products and channels so you can increase viewership, engagement, and revenue.

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Increase user engagement

Understand what experiences lead to more time spent on your product.

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Pinpoint impactful content

Empower your teams to see how user engagement impacts long-term retention.

Visualize how to monetize
Visualize how to monetize

Optimize milestones in your user journey that drive ad views and subscriptions.

These Growth Leaders in Media Use Amplitude

“Better segmentation leads to better engagement. With Amplitude, iflix has improved campaign conversion-to-view rates and increased ad revenue by 4x by leveraging behavioural segmentation to target users.”

Emmanuel Frenehard

Customer value, not content views

Amplitude helps media companies deliver more value with insight into what drives users to come back to their product again and again.

Increase time spent with your products

Optimize your omnichannel presence

Double down on channels and campaigns that increase the time spent on your product.

Maximize transaction size

Understand the impact of your product and marketing on transactions’ sizes.

Show your users you know them

Provide personalized experiences based on users’ needs and interests.

Insight of window shoppers


increase in 7-day retention

"It’s data science in a box."

Josh Snow

Vice President of Product

Surface your top content

Optimize your users’ discovery and engagement

See what experiences and campaigns drive the most views.

Identify your stickiest content, creators, and categories

See how various content impacts recurring engagement, then curate each users’ experience.

Effectively package your content

Understand what content should be put behind paywalls or subscriptions to increase revenue.

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Increase in subscriptions

"Even more than subscription, Amplitude is helping us on retention. It’s the only tool we have that tells us, for instance, the retention of people who subscribed from specific articles, or specific types of articles."

Lou Grasser

Subscriptions Director

Turn your views into money

Identify which milestones drive revenue

Pinpoint the moments—like first time view or fifth show binged—that drive subscriptions or ad views.

Refine your revenue model

Understand impact of ads, subscription, freemium, or paywalls on your revenue.

Identify opportunities to drive LTV

Learn which user behaviors signal opportunities for cross-sells and upsells.

Overview display of new users value


Increase in average revenue per user

"Data insights and product improvement go hand-in-hand. Amplitude lets us learn at scale; we track the performance of every release so that we can learn and iterate at each step."

Lou Grasser

Subscriptions Director

Resources for media product pioneers

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How can Amplitude increase your viewership?

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Looking to improve first time views?

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