Amplitude for engineers

Know What Your Users Need—Before They Ask

Deliver experiences customers love with feature management powered by real-time insights. Build easily, ship faster, learn what works, and drive more impact.

Develop, target, and release without risk

Build great experiences
Build great experiences

Develop features users love with flags powered by user insight.

Target releases seamlessly
Target releases seamlessly

Target based on the user attributes you care about to differentiate with ease.

Learn more. Ship faster.
Learn more. Ship faster.

Connect delivery with learning from real-time feedback from every release.

Build, launch, and learn—in one platform

Build features users love
Simplify development workflows
Unlock feature insights, fast
  • Develop features based on actionable data.
  • Understand your impact with automated dashboards.
  • Bolster adoption and usage powered by behavioral insights
  • Streamline targeting with seamless identity management.
  • Easily manage phased rollouts with a few clicks.
  • Seamlessly surface and roll back issues in real-time
  • Understand the user journey in a few clicks.
  • Identify features to optimize based on user behavior.
  • Learn fast and improve experiences to meet customers in the moment.

See why engineers love Amplitude

Learn how engineering teams use Amplitude to build better digital products.

MySwimPro app

MySwimPro decreased its change failure rate from 30% to 6%, increased experiment velocity by 10X, and boosted ARPU by 70%.

Unity Technologies

Unity switched from Google Analytics to Amplitude for analysis and feature flags to fine-tune their experiences.


Learn how the team at Shift uncovered product improvement opportunities using self-serve data and analytics.

Build smarter and faster without sacrificing control or performance

Enhance every release with the tools you need all in one place to build, test, and optimize code.

Enterprise-ready feature flags

See how new features influence key metrics like user growth and feature adoption to code efficiently.

Auto-generated dashboards

Gain immediate learnings from every release, with insights about feature adoption and engagement.

Full control for flags

Ensure the right team members have access to the right controls to limit risk to your code.

Local evaluation

Deliver highly performant releases with near-zero latency and flexible implementation.

Remote evaluation

Seamlessly target releases based on user context and identity resolution to deliver personalized experiences.

User journeys

Dive deeper to understand where users may be experiencing bugs to isolate and resolve issues faster.

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“It used to take us days to figure out what was going on in the product. Now it takes 20 minutes because we drill in, we can see exactly where the problem is, and we can fix it.”

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Nick Newell
VP of Engineering

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